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About This Project



Renegade Energy Art was a fun and exciting logo to create. Erin is an artist who chose the name because of her love for taking old items with positive energy and recreating a piece of artwork that will make someone happy. Erin asked that the Renegade Energy Art logo should symbolize that positive energy flowing through each design piece she creates for a client.


I took the letters R, E, and A and immediately started working with them. After sketching and collaborating, my mind could not break from the phoenix that popped up when hand drawing the lettering. The phoenix can symbolize rebirth, immortality, resurrection, spirituality, and energy, which comes out in Erin’s art.

I also wanted to keep as much of the hand sketch in this logo as possible. I love the energy of the phoenix combined with the elegance in the lettering to balance
the logo.


“I couldn't ask for more. Working with Shawn was simply amazing. I LOVE everything!!! From the logo to the colors to the patterns... perfectly me in all my crazy chic ways!! I am beyond happy!!!!”