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Heather Wild Lowry is an artist from Memphis, TN, who painted her first mural at age 17. Heather has been featured in LUXE magazine, ART CHASER, ART COVER, Premier Traveler, and Design Portfolio by LUXE. Heather stepped away from the art world for five years but expressed she was ready to get back into the game and was interested in a logo for her personal brand and website.


In our client briefing with Heather, we picked up on her passion for wildlife, being a vegetarian, and how she expressed what led her on this journey through her art. Although she loves the adrenaline from roller derby, hiking, and running, her excitement really showed through when she talked about the pet wolves she rescued.


I knew for this project that I would collaborate with artist Dwayne Greene, a good friend and known for the wildlife works he creates using airbrush. After much collaboration, we knew we had to have the wolf in her logo. Dwayne sketched multiple versions of the logo before landing on one that we knew would fit with Heather’s personality.


The outcome is a success and a logo the client loves. A fun project, and looking forward to continuing work with Heather.