Design a logo that shows Mid South Access's drive to deliver quality and honest work.


The Challenge

The sons wanted to update their business, along with their logo. Their only request was to keep the Ichthys (Jesus Fish), if possible, in remembrance of their father, who had used the Ichthys as his logo.


Hand Sketching, Illustrator, Photoshop, Notability, and Word.


Logo files (formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPEG), sketches, and branding guide.

Final Development

My Process

The challenge at hand was keeping the Ichthys in the logo. I knew I had to find a way to keep it in there but update the logo to work on all platforms. Getting to work in hashing out my sketches, I realized there were four family members. They were the father (who started the business), the two sons, and the mom. The father's memory needed to be there and allowed me to create the bit of the compass shape with the Ichthys.

With the settledness of the compass in place, I began shaping the logomark to give the touches of fencing (without using a fence) and nature but still keeping the shape of the four Ichthys, each representing a family member, with the North representing the father whos guidance started the business.

Keeping the logo simple allowed me to throw in my final hat trick, which the client loved, ordering a fire-heated branding iron to brand their fencing/gates with their badge after each project. The project is a success, and I cannot wait to get the first photo of the branding iron in use.

Selected Works

Mobile App SimulationeLearning, Training, Microlearning

Mental Health and CommunityILT, Coaching Guides, Presentation

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