Create an ILT for colleagues and managers across the U.S. to learn together about mental health and how to care for ourselves
and others.


The Challenge

To take an existing Mental Health Care ILT course and revamp the material for a nonprofit organization to deliver across the U.S. The process included editing, designing, and developing the materials.


Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Notability, and Word.


Developed PowerPoint (with Master Slides), plus Coaching and Participant Guide.

Final Development

Due to client confidentiality and for the protection of our clients, their logo and content have been removed and replaced with a demo.


Local Directors and Staff

My Responsibilities

I worked with the SME to edit and revamp the current material to what the learner should know and be able to do. Other responsibilities included text-based storyboarding and designing the visuals, graphics, and guides.

My Process

I started by collecting the current material and creating temporary stakes (milestones) in the ground for deliverables. Upon approval of the timeline, I observed the course in an online virtual setting. From here, I began editing the information and creating the text-based storyboard.


The SMEs and I had some reservations about the online course due to the sensitive nature of the material, so I got invited to fly out to attend an in-person course. Attending proved valuable, and a decision to move the course to in-person only was the right thing to do.

Upon agreeing to move to in-person only and the content approved, I moved on to the next milestone in designing/developing the visual storyboard in PowerPoint. The project proved successful, and the client was pleased. With a project close to my heart, I was grateful for the opportunity to work on the project with a great client.

Selected Works

Mobile App SimulationeLearning, Training, Microlearning

Mental Health and CommunityILT, Coaching Guides, Presentation

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